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About BusinessMVP

Targeted Publications for every Industry and Metropolitan Area.

All Target Markets

Publications For Each & Every Target Market

Each publication carries news, company profiles, product showcases, trade show coverage, interviews, reviews, video, careers & content marketing. And, each also offers you the ability to build editorial with your clients. 

Trade Publications

We have a publication dedicated to each & every industry covering the top Companies, Associations & Trade Shows in each.
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Local Publications

We have publications in the top US metropolitan areas as well as many smaller cities! So, your trade editorial can be cross-posted in the related cities.
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We have publications in the top metros in Canada, UK, Australia, Europe & around the world! Your news is cross-posted in the related countries.
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We are dedicated to offering beautiful coverage of the absolute best brands in every industry & city. We can also work with brands to offer joint editorial to their business clients.
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You’ll notice our sites don’t have traditional advertising. That’s because we like to offer premium promotions that actually help you actively build relationships with your clients.
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We offer job listings, employer profiles & sponsor packages. We also offer editorial coverage of the top employers in each target market including our Top Employer Lists.
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Audience Quality

Our Clients Ask “Who” Not “How Many”

There are plenty of places to go if you want random masses of users to filter through to get to your real customers. And, there are plenty of sites who want to impress you with raw server stats based loosely & irresponsibly on IP addresses that include spiders, scrapers, robots, bounces & other useless traffic, which we work hard to filter or block. But, experienced companies focus on actually building business & their brands. They care about actual customer engagement & relationships. And, they only want their brand associated with other incredible brands & content. We build & continually improve our platform for those top executives who are meticulous about their brands, discerning about their campaigns, precise in placement & enthusiastic about client relationships.

Client Engagement

People are most likely to read content about them! Our main readers are the top clients of the brands we cover. We work with you to provide editorial coverage for them such as client projects that use your products. They of course share this with their clients who are also your exact target market.

Top Executives

Our second most important market is cross-over traffic between our sites. These readers are the Top Executives of the companies we cover in other industries. They  are the top influencers & consumers of cars, planes, yachts, travel, food, fashion, furnishings, real estate & technology.

Trade Shows

We believe Trade Shows are the cornerstone of B2B relationship marketing. Our content & marketing opportunities are structured to support your Trade Show marketing. And, we build a lot of highly valuable relationships from our coverage & support of Trade Shows. 

Apply for Editorial Coverage

Ready to work with our editors to get coverage for your company, clients or trade show? Follow the appropriate links below:

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